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We offer a one-time license purchase that comes with no additional fees. Once you buy this license, you’re all set—there will be no future charges for updates or maintenance

Starting Pack

1 year

€ 699  € 249


€2999  €699

What do you get?

1. Personal Assistant

Introducing our bank of 400 animations – a comprehensive library delivering clear and engaging visuals for dental procedures. Enhance patient education, streamline treatment explanations, and increase case acceptance. With a customized search engine, find the right animation in seconds. Elevate your practice with DentalMaster’s animation expertise.

Advanced Pack

1 year

€ 899  € 285


€3399  €899

What do you get?

  1. Personal Assistant
    Bank of 400 animations. 
  2. 3D Personal Assistant for partial  prosthetic restoration  .
  3. 3D for Edentulous Assistant
    Experience the power of 3D interactivity with our collection of 110 real 3D animations. Showcase prosthetic solutions from any angle, revolutionizing patient understanding. Go beyond traditional videos, providing comprehensive visualizations that captivate and educate. Elevate your practice with DentalMaster’s unique interactive technology.

Professional Pack

1 year

€ 1599  € 555

Special offer Professional Pack
2 Years for €425
when purchase Advanced pack onetime

What do you get?

  • The price for an additional year of the 3D Analyzer, after the initial two years, will remain at the same rate, around €200 per year, with no extra charges for the Advanced Pack one-time purchase.

1. 3D Cloud Analyzer
Unlock the potential of our analyzer tool, creating customized patient 3D models based on just 3 answers. Tailor treatment plans with precision, visualizing prosthetic solutions adapted to individual needs. Enhance patient communication, boost case acceptance, and deliver personalized care with DentalMaster’s advanced AI technology.

2. 3D Personal Assistant  .
3. 3D Edentulous Assistant

4. Personal Assistant
This pack includes all the modules from the previous packages, along with additional features to streamline your workflow see below
5. PowerPrint
Create patient’s leaflet.
6. X-Ray D2D (Bonus)
Create treatment plans on your patient’s Xray.

We do not charge VAT for customers in the US, CE countries, and some other countries.


  • Compatible only with Google Chrome.
  • Some features may not work properly with Safari, Firefox, etc.
  • A network connection is required for the Edentulous Assistant and 3D personal Assistant . Please note that downloading 3D models may be slow over a Wi-Fi connection.

The software can be used on any device, but only one device at a time.


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