Bundle Full PA Cloud
1 year-23S

Original price was: €899.Current price is: €285.


  • The best tool Today to explain full teeth loss solutions. Easily compare different treatment options for edentulous jaws on a 3D interactive model.
    • Experience the power of 3D interactivity with our collection of 110 real 3D animations. Showcase prosthetic solutions from any angle,
    • revolutionizing patient understanding.
    • Go beyond traditional videos, providing comprehensive visualizations that captivate and educate.
    • Elevate your practice with DentalMaster’s unique interactive technology.
    • Real interactive 3D to show each treatment from any angle.
    • Contains Most of the common full restoration treatment types.
    • Easily compare between 2 treatments side by side.
    • Multi-platform – use on any device without installation.


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