Professional Pack



  • What do you get?1. 3D Cloud Analyzer
    Unlock the potential of our analyzer tool, creating customized patient 3D models based on just 3 answers. Tailor treatment plans with precision, visualizing prosthetic solutions adapted to individual needs. Enhance patient communication, boost case acceptance, and deliver personalized care with DentalMaster’s advanced AI technology.

    2. 3D Personal Assistant  .
    3. 3D Edentulous Assistant

    4. Personal Assistant
    This pack includes all the modules from the previous packages, along with additional features to streamline your workflow see below
    5. PowerPrint
    Create patient’s leaflet.
    6. X-Ray D2D (Bonus)
    Create treatment plans on your patient’s Xray.
    7. DentalMagic (Bonus)
    Mini “photoshop” for patient’s digital process.

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